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CU Travel Discounts now available!

We are always looking for ways to give our members exclusive benefits.

Through October 31, you have access to a Premium Account with Credit Union Travel as a gift to you from your credit union.

This is an exclusive, limited time Premium membership that is not available to the public.

You can now book beautiful hotels, car rentals, cruises and more at significantly discounted rates up to 70% off (or more) because you are one of our valued Premium Members.

Get ready for your jaw to drop when you search and save. Here's a recent search we made so you can see the savings that are possible!

For instance, stay at a beautiful hotel in Florida. The Public Price is $742, but you only pay $235 and save 68% when you use CU Travel.


The discounts you now have access to are unmatched anywhere.

We dare you to search the major travel sites and see if they can beat these discounts (inside scoop: they won’t, you'll save more using CU Travel).

If you plan to do any travel, visit theme parks, eat at restaurants, play golf, go shopping or even get your car repaired, then you are absolutely going to save money with your new  Premium Account - up to 70% (and sometimes even more).

Experience More with CU Travel

PS: Through October 31, you have access to Premium Membership at Credit Union Travel as a complimentary gift to you from your credit union. No credit card is required and you will not be charged for this service.

Your Premium Account gives you twice the savings as a Standard Membership. You can now save up to 70% on travel. Go try it and see!

How To Access Your Upgraded Premium Account

Option 1: If you have already activated your Standard Account at Credit Union Travel, use the link below and login with your current credentials.

Your account has already been upgraded to Premium and is waiting for you.

Option 2: If you have not already activated your Standard Account at Credit Union Travel, then go to CreditUnionTravel.com/partners and login using the following:

Username: enter your email
Password: gotravel

Note: Once you login, please change your password

Download the Credit Union Travel App to Access All the Premium Features:

Download on the App Store or Get it on Google Play

A Proud Credit Union Partner

CU Travel is the official travel partner of the credit union industry. Their first-of-a-kind platform is built exclusively for credit union members. And through their partnerships with credit unions, they are able to give credit union members like you access to this platform - which means you don’t have to pay a dime to start getting hotel rewards, local discounts, savings on travel, and experiencing more.

*Any deals shown on this page were available at the time they were searched for and are for example purposes only. Specific deals change based on availability and when you search for them. Search today and you may save even more!