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Debit Mastercard Information

Coming Soon—Debit Mastercard!®

You deserve great benefits with no added costs. That’s why we will soon be sending you a new GE Credit Union Debit Mastercard® in approximately 2 weeks.

Your new Debit Mastercard will replace your Visa Debit Card which is scheduled to be closed soon.

When your new card arrives, you’ll enjoy:

  • Uninterrupted account access — Purchases and ATM withdrawals will continue to be deducted from your existing checking account, just like before.
  • NEW contactless payment option — Now just tap your card on the terminal wherever you see the contactless payment symbol. (Your new card will work at all EMV and mag-stripe reader terminals as well.)
  • Continued convenience and security — Shopping with your card is faster than writing checks and safer than carrying cash, plus you’re protected with Zero Liability for unauthorized purchases.2
  • Great new benefits — Your new Debit Mastercard will work with contactless payment systems and many new benefits.

Existing card holders

You don't need to take any action at this time. When your new card arrives, activate and start using it!

Don't have a debit card for your 3Point Checking Account? Request one today!

Contact your favorite branch to have a new Debit Mastercard ordered or call 800.992.8472 and a Member Service Representative will help you.

Your existing Visa® Debit Card is scheduled to be closed soon even if it still has a valid expiration date.

To avoid interruption in debit card access, call 866.619.0245 to activate your new Debit Mastercard as soon as you receive it.

For continued Debit Card access plus even better cardholder benefits, follow these 4 steps:

  1. Call 866.619.0245 to activate your new Debit Mastercard
  2. Sign the back of your new Debit Mastercard
  3. Cut Up and discard your old Visa debit card
  4. Notify merchants of your new card number if they automatically bill your debit card

Note: When you activate your Debit Mastercard, your existing Visa card will be automatically deactivated.

Continue to use your existing PIN
Security Reminder: NEVER share your PIN with anyone. GE Credit Union will NEVER ask for your PIN. If you receive an unsolicited call, text or email asking for your PIN or other personal account information, do not respond.

Mobile wallet apps
Once your new Debit Mastercard is activated, your existing Visa Debit Card will be deactivated—including in any mobile wallet app you are using. GE Credit Union will notify you when you can use your new Debit Mastercard with your mobile wallet app.

Visa Alerts and Visa Checkout
Visa Alerts and Visa Checkout will no longer available with your new card. We will notify you when similar services become available from Mastercard.

What’s improved

  • NEW! Contactless Payment option
  • NEW! Mastercard Global Service™ provides 24-hour-a-day, seven-day-a-week assistance with lost and stolen card reporting, emergency card replacement, emergency cash advance, as well as assistance with locating ATMs.1
  • NEW! Mastercard Airport Concierge™ provides a Meet and Greet agent to assist with flight connections plus, at select airports, expedited security/immigration processing.
  • NEW! Extended Warranty doubles most manufacturer or U.S. store brand warranties for up to one additional year.1
  • NEW! Satisfaction Guarantee can provide a refund of up to $250 if you are dissatisfied with a purchase and the merchant will not accept a return within 60 days of the purchase date.1
  • NEW! Identity Theft Resolution Services assists you with credit bureau notification and debit card replacement and provides you with an ID Theft Affidavit should you become the victim of Identity Theft.1
  • NEW! Mastercard Priceless® Cities offers unique access and special experiences so you can enjoy more of the cities you love.
  • NEW! Travel Assistance Services provides pre-trip destination information, help with lost/stolen travel documents and luggage, and referrals to local professional services if you are traveling more than 100 miles from home.1
  • NEW! Roadside Assistance arranges emergency roadside assistance such as jump-starts, tire change, towing, and gas delivery if you get stuck on the road.1
  • NEW! Cellular Telephone Protection provides coverage in the event your covered cell phone is stolen or damaged.1
  • NEW! Purchase Assurance insures the cardholder for 90 days for theft, damage, or loss of purchases made with your GE Credit Union Debit Mastercard.1

What stays the same 

  • Worldwide acceptance at 40 million places
  • Purchases are deducted from your checking account
  • Cash access at ATMs worldwide
  • Zero Liability means that in the event your card is used to make unauthorized purchases—whether made in a store, by phone, or online—you won’t be held liable.2
  • Chip Technology improves the global usability and security of your card as more merchants at home and abroad switch to advanced chip card terminals.

How do I use the new contactless payment feature?

  • LOOK for the Contactless Symbol at checkout.
  • TAP your contactless card on the checkout terminal.
  • GO!  Your payment is processed in seconds.

Note: Your new card works at all types of terminals, not just contactless ones.

What is a Contactless Card? 
Your contactless card uses short-range wireless technology to make secure payments between a contactless card and a contactless-enabled checkout terminal. When you tap near the Contactless Symbol, your payment is sent for authorization.

Is tapping to pay secure?
Yes, absolutely. Your contactless card has the same secure encryption technology as your current contact-only EMV chip card.

Where can you use it?
Retailers who accept contactless payments will display the contactless
symbol. Look for it wherever you shop.

How long do I need to tap my card on the checkout terminal?
One to two seconds should do it. And don’t worry, even if you tap twice, you won’t be charged twice.

Can a purchase be made without my knowledge—for example, will the card reader activate if I walk past it?
No. Your card must be extremely close to the reader – typically between two and four centimeters and the retailer must have first entered the amount for you to approve.

Can I use my card for everyday transactions or at non-chip terminals?
Yes! Your contactless card will continue to have contact functionality so they can still be inserted into an EMV reader and will also maintain the magnetic stripe on the back of the card for those merchants who have not upgraded to EMV.

Why are you replacing my existing debit card?
GE Credit Union has partnered with Mastercard to improve your benefits including contactless payment technology.

Is there any cost to me?
No, your new card will have no annual fee, just like the card it replaces.

Will my PIN remain the same?
Yes, for your convenience you can continue to use the same PIN as before.

I don’t remember my PIN / I want to change my PIN
If you don’t remember your PIN or want to change your PIN, contact your local branch or call us at 800.992.8472 Monday–Friday 9AM–4PM.

When will my new card arrive?
If you don’t receive your card by the end of May, contact your local branch or call us at 800.992.8472 Monday–Friday 9AM–4PM.

If I have multiple accounts, will each account receive a new card?
Yes. Each personal checking account with a Visa debit card linked to it will be reissued a new GE Credit Union Debit Mastercard.

If I receive more than one card, how will I be able to tell which checking account it is linked to?
Simply call us at 800.992.8472 Monday–Friday 9:00–4:00 EST and a representative will be happy to assist you.

Can I use my new Debit Mastercard with my mobile apps?
Once your new Debit Mastercard is activated, your existing Visa Debit Card will be deactivated—including in any mobile wallet app you are using. Mobile wallet apps should be available for the Debit Mastercard shortly and we’ll notify you when we have completed testing.

What ATM networks offer fee-free withdrawals?
Your new Debit Mastercard is free to use at all the same network ATMs as before. Use our mobile app, check our website, or look for these network logos to find the ATM nearest you:

Have additional questions?
Contact your local branch or call us at 800.992.8472 Monday–Friday 9AM–4PM.

1. Certain restrictions apply. For details, see the Guide to Benefits.
2. Certain restrictions apply. See www.mastercard.us/zero-liability for details.
Mastercard and the Mastercard brand mark are registered trademarks and Mastercard Global Service and Mastercard Airport Concierge are trademarks of Mastercard International Incorporated, used pursuant to a license. All third-party trademarks referenced herein are the property of their respective owners.