Rates & Fees

Effective May 1, 2017

Vehicle Loans
Maximum Term APR
New Car
Fixed up to 48 months 1 as low as 1.99%+
Fixed up to 60 months 1 as low as 2.24%+
Fixed up to 72 months 1 as low as 3.49%+
Fixed up to 84 months 1 as low as 3.49%+
Used/Refi Car
Fixed up to 48 months2 as low as 2.24%+
Fixed up to 60 months2 as low as 2.24%+
Fixed up to 72 months2 as low as 3.49%+
Enterprise Used Car Rate2a 0.25% rate discount
Boats & RVs
Fixed up to 84 months as low as 7.70%
Personal Loans
Overdraft Line of Credit
Fixed up to $15,000 15.00%
Personal Line of Credit
Fixed up to $15,000 as low as 12.00%
Personal Loan
Holiday Special fixed up to 15 months! as low as 4.75%+
Fixed up to 36 months as low as 7.99%+
Fixed up to 60 months as low as 9.99%+
Share or Savings Certificate Secured Loan
Fixed up to 144 months ($500 minimum) 5.99%
First Mortgages

Whether you are buying your first home, relocating, refinancing or tapping into your equity, GE Credit Union has a loan tailored for you.

Term Rate Points APR
30 Year fixed rates as low as 4.375% 0 Points 4.438%1
20 Year fixed rates as low as 4.00% 0 Points 4.198%1
15 Year fixed rates as low as 3.625% 0 Points 3.682%1
10 Year fixed rates as low as 3.50% 0 Points 3.599%1
5/1 ARM 3.75% 0 Points 3.861%2
  • Annual Percentage Rates (APR) assumes a down payment of 20%, a standard 30 day rate lock and a loan amount of $200,000.00.
  • Longer lock rates available at a higher APR.
  • Ask about our low down payment products and closing costs assistance program available for first time home buyers.
  • Mortgage loans without an escrow for real estate taxes may be subject to an interest rate increase.
  • Real estate tax escrow required for all loans with down payment/equity less than 20%.
  • Mortgage loans with a loan value in excess of 80% require Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI).
  • Rate adjustments may apply due to credit score, cash out, loan to value and occupancy status.  
  • 1Assumes 20% equity and no PMI.
  • 2Please call for further details

Apply  Purchase Pre-Approval

GE Credit Union Mortgage Rates* Subject to change at any time.

Home Equity - 80% LTV
Term APR
Fixed up to 60 months (min. $10,000)3,4 3.24%
Fixed up to 120 months (min. $10,000)3,4 4.25%
Fixed up to 180 months (min. $10,000)3,4 4.50%
Fixed up to 240 months (min. $10,000)3,4 5.49%
HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)
Credit Line APR
$10,000 to $49,9993,4,5 4.50% (Prime Rate plus 0.50%)6
$50,000 to $149,9993,4,5 4.25% (Prime Rate plus 0.25%)6
$150,000, or more3,4,5 4.00% (Prime Rate)6
VISA Credit Cards
GE Credit Union VISA Platinum as low as 10.74%7
GE Credit Union VISA Platinum Secured as low as 14.74%7

Loan rates subject to change without notice.
APR= Annual Percentage Rate. GE Credit Union is an Equal Opportunity Lender.
+Rate with Automatic Payment from a GE Credit Union account may be discounted by 0.25% as long as the rate does not fall below 1.99%.
1 Finance 100% of purchase price. Valid dealer purchase order required. Never been registered and < 1,500 miles.
2Vehicle model years 2012 to 2017: Finance up to 100% of the clean retail value with terms up to 72 months. Vehicle model years 2011 to 2007: Finance up to 100%* clean retail value depending on credit score, not to exceed 135,000 miles, up to 60 months.Classic cars vehicles older than 2005* (*Call credit union for additional details.) Refinanced vehicles 2009 or newer from another financial institution.
2a 0.50% off current rate. This is a buy down rate. The amount of the buy down will not affect the price of the vehicle. Qualifying rate will vary based on credit worthiness and terms. Financing for qualified GECU Credit Union members. Offer valid only on Enterprise Car Sales vehicles purchased February 1 – March 31, 2017. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

3 No application fee, no closing costs, no annual fee. Borrower pays third party closing costs if the account is closed within the first 15 months. Title insurance required on some loans over $100,000. Up to 80% LTV, 1-4 family, owner-occupied properties and approved condominiums.
4Maximum loan or line of credit $450,000
5No minimum balance, annual fee or advance required.
6Prime Rate 4.00% as of April 30, 2017
7Cash Advance Rate = 14.74% APR